Only a human donor cornea can alleviate another person's corneal blindness. Corneal transplant surgery would not be possible without the thousands of generous donors and their families who have donated eye tissue so that others may see.

An eye bank obtains, medically evaluates and distributes eyes donated by caring individuals for use in corneal transplantation. Eye banks are non-profit organisations. Eye Donation is an opportunity to help restore someone's sight. Eye, organ, and tissue donation are consistent with the beliefs and attitudes of major religions.

So, Register yourself as a donor, acceptor or a trust member to help us. Below is the link for the Lokdrashti Eye Bank's Donor, Acceptor and Member's List.

Download the offline registration form from below link, print the form and after filling full details of the form send the form at our address (which is in form) by post. All the forms available here are is in PDF Format. If you dont have Adobe Acrobat Reader please download it free from

Please use link of the top of the page for online registration.

We will send your Donor Card at your address. The Sample of donor card are as below :